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Preparation for Eiken


September Short Courses to Prepare for Eiken


 We are offering short term courses to prepare for Eiken during September. We will work on what you need to study to pass the reading, writing and listening test. We will also teach you the tactics to get a good score as much as you can in a limited time during the test. Please check out the following details.




Purpose: Preperation for Eiken




 Lesson: 1 lesson is 60 mins long. It is an individual lesson. You can choose either 8 times or 4 times with a lesson fee discount. Single lessons are also available. If you are not sure which course to take, please ask Fiona, Mr. Watanabe or your tutor.




Lesson fee: all prices include tax.


8 lesson course: 22,000 / 4 lesson course: 12,100


Single: 3,300 per lesson


レッスン料:レッスン料は税込です。 8レッスンコース / 4レッスンコース / 回数制




How to apply: Please tell Mr.Watanabe that you want to


take lessons then he’ll fix the date. You can also apply by phone or e-mail.        






Contact info: 0296-76-3134 /






*ジョエルでは学習効果の向上促進のため文書の英語化を進めております。ご不明な点はお気軽にお尋ねください。Thank you for your co-operation.